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I'm Adeline - pronounced add-a-line. Like when T-Mobile asks you if you want to "add a line" to your plan. Yeup, that's ma name. 

But you can just call me Addie

Singapore-born, China-raised - I am a multi-disciplinary artist and graphic designer who is currently based in Singapore. I received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have completed a one-year graphic design program at Chicago Portfolio School. 

My practice focuses on the act of exploration. I make and attempt to make, anything and everything; as long as it is exciting. I believe in having a global mindset in life and in art, and am constantly drawing inspiration from my experiences in daily life and in my travels. 

By combining my fine art background with graphic design, my design process consists of merging the two - often working back and forth between computer and paper. I have a profound love for color and an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. As a graphic designer, I hope to explore more ways of integrating that sense of craft into the digital world. 

My perfect day would include indulging in good food, exploring somewhere new (and getting lost) and being inspired by nature, art or historical buildings.  

I am currently designing for WeWork’s Art and Graphics Team. Learn more about our team here.

Please! Contact me at I would really love to chat and am available for projects.


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